Why Pristine Makes Some Of The Best Scented Candles

Why Pristine Makes Some Of The Best Scented Candles

With an increasing amount of time spent at home, the Pristine team wanted to create a line of aromatherapy products that could complement the stay-home-experience. Hence, our first scented candle collection was born.

While reed diffusers sit in the background passively diffusing scent, scented candles provides a different sensorial experience - the crackling of the burning wick, the warmth & silhouette of the dancing flame and of course, the strong pleasant aroma.

With these multi-sensorial factors (visual, audio, olfactory) in mind, we strived to create the best scented candles in Singapore. And here are 5 considerations that guided us to create some really good smelling candles:

1) Only The Best Ingredients

100% Pure Soy Wax are the main base ingredient for our scented candles. We believe that soy wax candles are better than other candles as soy wax is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and last longer while retaining a good scent throw.

Pristine candles use a higher percentage of fragrance and essential oils for a strong longer-lasting scent.

2) A Soothing Experience

Each Pristine Soy Candle comes with a Wood Wick. Not only do wood wicks give candles a natural aesthetic, it provides a soothing burn experience and crackles from time-to-time creating a cosy fireplace-like experience.

Wood Wicks also generate stronger heat which emit more fragrance into the air compared to other wick types.

3) Looks Are Important

When you first open up the wooden lid of a Pristine Candle, be prepared for a pleasant surprise! Each individual candle is hand-decorated with natural flowers and fruit unique to each scent.

These decorations burn safely with the soy wax.

4) Inspired By Your Favourite Cities

Our first soy candle collection is inspired by the experience of living in 4 popular cities:

A Touch Of Bali - Famous for its volcanic mountains, iconic beaches and coral reefs, Indonesia's resort island of Bali is go-to destination for many travellers worldwide.

A Touch Of Honolulu - Famous for the Waikiki beach, Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii and one of the beautiful islands in the Pacific Ocean.

A Touch Of Paris - Also known as the city of love, the capital of France, Paris, speaks for itself as the top choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

A Touch Of Taipei - As an Asian city with strong Western influence, the capital of Taiwan is an oriental gem that is also a foodies paradise.

The City-Inspired Scented Candles are an affordable way to explore unique experiences from the comfort of home.


5) A Candle For Any Occasion

Get creative and pair a scent for any occasion. Romantic dinner date at home? Set the dining room mood with a touch of Paris. Looking to meditate & clear some head space? Create chill island vibes in your bedroom or bathroom with a touch of Bali.

Stay home and rejuvenate with Pristine's Soy Candle Collection.

*Free Delivery On All Scented Soy Candles Purchased Online In Singapore. 

Perfect as a gift for yourself or a special someone.

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  • Hi Natalie, yes they are available at BHG Bugis + they are double wick candles :)

    Pristine Aroma
  • Maldives Villa and country inn, are they available at the booth in BHG Bugis? Also are they single wick candles? Thank you!

  • Hi Eleanor, we have a booth at level 3 Bugis BHG. You might want to check that out! :)

    Pristine Aroma
  • Hi, may I know if you have retail stores that carries your range of scented candles – Bali, Hawaii, Paris etc? If not, is your office open to walk-in customers for purchases?


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