Have you ever noticed how rejuvenated you feel when you walk into a hotel for the first time? Your spirit is uplifted and a sense of calm fills you. Now imagine if you could experience this very same feeling every day from home. This thought process inspired our first scent collection introduced in 2019 - now well-loved and known to most as the Pristine Hotel Series.

We wanted to inspire such rejuvenation in everyday living through curated aromatic experiences and hence - Pristine was founded with the mission of curating and designing quality fragrances for the modern lifestyle.

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Perfume Sticks | Reed Sticks

Today, Pristine has 15 unique scents in our Hotel, Garden & award-winning Signature series. Each scent is individually curated through a rigorous process by our team & through a quantitative market survey, ensuring that the scents & end products are well loved and evokes its intended experience of rejuvenation.

Pristine’s products & packaging are designed to be minimal & essential. Our intention to make products that complements the decor of any home. We don’t want you to worry about having to disrupt the interior design of your home. Also, this makes gift giving fuss-free.

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Our Commitment To You:

1) Market-tested scents, curated with the best quality in mind

2) Minimalist design approach with nature elements for the everyday home

3) Affordable pricing so you may enjoy our products everyday

4) Fast delivery, easy exchange & returns with great customer service

5) We do no unnecessary harm to other or the environment

6) We constantly progress to greater sustainability goals

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How To Use Reed Diffuser Sticks | Scented Sticks


we believe that being close to nature brings serenity, an essential component of living in this stressful digital age. We incorporate elements of nature into our products - our signature “moss brown” bottles, cream brown reed sticks etc.

Together with our curated scent experiences, we want to deliver a complete rejuvenating experience so you may live in your pristine state.

Your journey to a #pristinelife🌿 starts here.

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