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Reed Diffuser Losing Smell?

Reed Diffuser Losing Smell?

If your reed diffuser is not smelling as strong as before or it just doesn't seem to be working - chances are your nose has gotten used to the smell!

On average, most people get used to particular room scent 2-3 weeks, while some can get used to a diffuser scent within days! While your nose has adjusted to the scent and feels like your reed diffuser has stopped working, rest assured that it is still diffusing the fragrance oil. Your house guests who are not used to the scent will have a stronger experience with the scent when they first walk in.

If you are the type of person who enjoys smelling strong scents in your home all the time, we recommend the following tips on how to make your reed diffuser smell stronger:

1) Change the type of aroma/scent every month. We recommend changing scents based on the scent notes - for instance if you are using a scent with floral notes, you might want to switch up to a new scent with stronger citrus notes. This would give your nose a new olfactory experience which would take some time to get used to. Our 50ml reed diffusers last about 1 month and we offer various discounted 50ml bundles which gives you the experience of trying a new scent every month. Check out our Garden Scent Bundle, Hotel Scent Bundle or Signature Scent Bundle.

Reed Diffuser Losing Scent

2) If you are using a larger diffuser that last for several months, consider changing your reed sticks every month. Over time, diffuser sticks catches dust in the air and its pores gets clogged up, preventing fragrance oil from diffusing into the air. At pristine, we sell high quality reed diffuser sticks for regular replacement.

Reed Diffuser Losing Scent

3) Use more reed sticks. Our reed diffuser comes with a set of 5 diffuser sticks. Our customers have the option of using just 1 to all 5 diffuser sticks. However, you do not have to limit yourself to the maximum of 5 sticks. We do have customers who purchase additional reed sticks for an even stronger aroma diffusion in bigger rooms.

Reed Diffuser Losing Scent

The above 3 mentioned tips should help you maintain a long-lasting strong scent in your aromatherapy journey. Do write in to us if you have any further queries at

May 26, 2022

Hi Lay Hoon,

1. Neither. Our reed diffusers use a blend of essential/fragrance oils, aromatic compounds and diffuser base solvent.

2. You may use the same bottle. Just rinse it out of the previous scent, refill with new scents and remember to use new reed sticks!

Cheers! :)

Pristine Aroma
May 26, 2022

Dear Sirs

I have 2 questions:

1. Is your essential oil used for Reed diffuser a 100% pure essential oil or it’s the water based essential oil.

2. It’s advisable to use the same bootle when switching to different scent?

Lay Hoon

Lim Lay Hoon

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