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Living The Pristine Life

Life Happens In Living Room - Watching Netflix On The Couch, Hosting Friends etc.. Let's Make Those Experiences Count.

Pristine's 3 Step Guide To Scent Up Your Living Room

For Better Living

1) Scent When You Need It

Thinking of taking a nap on the couch? Spritz some Japanese Ryokan scent on your linen throws or cushions as a pillow mist

Friends are coming over? Spritz some Maldives Villa scent for a refreshing good time.

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2) Constant Scent Diffusion

Reed diffusers have the dual purpose of being a home decor piece and enabling continuous scent diffusion.

We recommend choosing a reed diffuser that compliments your home decor. The larger 180ml reed diffuser has a stronger scent throw which suits a larger space.

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3) Try Using Wax Melts

A truly unique scented product - Pristine's scented wax cubes can be melted for a larger area scent coverage.

Mix and match scented wax cubes for a unique combination of scents.

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