How To Use Candles Effectively?

How To Use Candles Effectively?

Are you a first time scented candle user? Whether this is your first Pristine candle or first any candle, we would like to share some best practices with you on how to best enjoy your candle safely.

How to light a candle correctly?

Before each new burn, trim the charred ends of the wick. Simply use a clipper or scissors to trim off the charred bits and toss them in the trash. Trimmed wicks will give a cleaner and brighter burn, reducing soot emission.

If there are any flowers in the way of the wick, simply push them aside to prevent them from catching fire.

Use a lighter to light the wick. 

How long to light a scented candle?

Do not light a candle for more than 3 hours at a time and never leave a candle burning unattended. Candles that are left to burn for an excessive amount of time can cause the candle glass to be over-exposed to heat.

How to handle candles safely?

Prevent any water exposure with the heated candle wax. This is to prevent the wax from splattering.

Do not let the candle continue burning with less than 0.25 inches of wax to prevent glass overheating.

How to make a candle burn evenly?

Don't blow out a candle within minutes of lighting it. Always allow the candle wax to melt all the way to the edge of the jar to prevent "tunneling". Also, don't trim the wick too short such that the flame is too small to melt the wax.

How to fix candle tunneling?

A tunneling candle occurs when the melting of wax is concentrated in the centre of the candle, resulting in the centre of the candle melting deeper than the surrounding wax surface. This increasingly makes surrounding wax difficult to get melted down, potentially leading to wasted candle wax.

It is usually difficult to fix a tunneling candle, hence we usually advise customers to let their wax surface melt completely.

If you have a tunneling candle, you may seek the use a candle warmer to melt down the wax surface evenly.

How to make candles last longer?

Reducing tunneling increases the lifespan of candles.

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