Pristine Scent Guide

Pristine Has 15 Curated Scents. We Recommend Picking A Scent Based On Your Preferred Scent Notes.


Himalayan Tea | How To Use Reed Diffuser Sticks

1. Himalayan Tea

Citrus, Fresh, Floral

"Smells just like ION Orchard" with notes of white tea, mugworts, bergamot, bitter orange & jasmine.

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Campanula Blossom Floral | Essential Oils And Diffuser

2. Campanula Blossom


"A floral perfume for my home" with notes of bluebell, cloves, jasmine, rose hip, musk & amber.

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Ivory Coast Cotton | Oil Diffuser Essential Oils

3. Ivory Coast Cotton

Fresh & Floral

"This is what clean sheets smell like" with notes of chamomile, orange, cinnamon & musk.

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Balsam Pine | Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore

4. Balsam Pine


"The refreshing woody scent of a pine forest" with notes of balsam fir, pine, ebony, neroli & moss.

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Aromatherapy Singapore | Home Fragrance Diffuser

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Maldives Villa | Hotel Air Freshener

1. Maldives Villa

Fresh & Floral

"Imagine chilling by the ocean" with notes of hyacinth, grapefruit, violet leaves & sandalwood.

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English Country Inn | Room Fragrance

2. English Country Inn

Citrus, Fruity & Vanilla

"Waking up to strawberries and vanilla cream" with notes of hoary stock, violet leaves, jasmine & vanilla.

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Japanese Ryokan | Fragranced Candles

3. Japanese Ryokan

Floral & Woody

"Feeling Zen with this powdery scent" with notes of lavender, amber, lily of the valley, organic musk & sandalwood.

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Swiss Chateau | Room Spray

4. Swiss Chateau

Fresh & Citrus

"Smells like fresh cut grass and flowers" with notes of raspberry, lily of the valley, rose & cedarwood.

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Moroccan Riad | Perfume Diffuser For Room

5. Moroccan Riad

Citrus & Woody

"Sweet dreams are made of tangerine" with notes of orange blossom, bergamot, nutmeg & oud.

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Casa Particular | Home Scent Diffuser

6. Casa Particular


"A smokey woody luxurious scent" with notes of tobacco leaves, guava, mariposa lily & patchouli

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Hotel Air Freshener | Fragrance Oil Singapore

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Lemongrass | How To Use Reed Diffuser

1. Lemongrass

Citrus & Fresh

"Balinese massage in a bottle" is said to be refreshing, and repels insects & mosquitoes.

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Lavender | How To Use Reed Diffuser Sticks

2. Lavender

Floral & Fresh

"Feel rejuvenated after a good night's sleep" is said to induce sleep, reduce stress & anxiety.

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Lily & Jasmine | Scented Sticks

3. Lily & Jasmine


"What a sweet, pungent fragrance!" said to be uplifting and alleviates headaches.

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Sakura | Perfume Sticks

4. Sakura


"Like a Sakura bloom in Japan" said to be purifying and rich in anti-oxidants.

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White Freesia | Reed Sticks

5. White Freesia

Floral, Fresh & Fruity

"Freesia flowers in the autumn wind" is said to be calming and promotes tranquility.

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