How Reed Diffusers Make The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

How Reed Diffusers Make The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Finding a new gift idea can be pretty difficult sometimes. If you are looking to get something apart from the usual you know.. flowers & chocolates. We would like to tell you how reed diffusers can make this year's mother's day perhaps a little more special.

Why Would Mom Like Reed Diffusers?

Most mothers are practical and selfless - "How can I make my home a little more comfortable for the family" or "I am happy when my family is happy" are their usual train of thought

Reed diffusers have a dual practical purpose. The obvious one is that it gives off a pleasant scent for all areas of the home - toilet, living room, bed room, study room etc. The second practical purpose - reed diffusers make a neat addition to any room/toilet décor with their minimalist rustic aesthetic.

The best part is that reed diffusers are super easy to use. Pop off the cap and insert the reeds and you are good to go. No electricity/batteries required.

Mom is going to be like "Wow, my home is going to smell AND look good for the family!"

Which Diffuser Should I Get For Mom?

At Pristine, we have a scent for all types of mommas at various budgets that don't break the bank:

1) Moms Who Love Flowers

She loves the world of old-fashioned romance and charm. For moms who love flowers, we recommend the floral scents from the garden series such as sakura and white freesia which would give mom the experience of smelling a bouquet of flowers every day for just $17.90

2) The Practical Mother

Just smelling good is not enough! Our lemongrass scent ($17.90) gives off a crisp citrus note which freshens the senses. Additional practical benefits include citronella oil which helps to chase away those pesky mosquitoes at home!

3) Moms Who Love A Good Pampering

For moms who love and miss the experience of travelling overseas for holiday, give her the experience of a hotel staycation with Pristine's Hotel Scent Series ($19.90 for 50ml or $39.90 for 180ml). Inspired by the experience of staying at world-class hotels such as Hilton & Marriott to inspire rejuvenation through aromatherapy.

4) Moms Who Just Want To Chill

"Just leave me alone" - Some moms appreciate the quieter moments in life or wants to have better sleep at night, consider our lavender and lily & jasmine scents ($17.90). Lavender and Jasmine floral notes have a calming effect on the senses and help to reduce insomnia.

4) The "Cool" Mom

She does not like mainstream activities and appreciates new experiences. Gift your cool mom a scent ($21.90) or two ($38.90) from our signature scent series. Signature scents include fresh citrus Himalayan Tea and sweet floral Campanula Blossom.


Still can't decide on a scent for mom? Send us a DM on instagram/facebook or email us at and we will help you out! 

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