Garden Series 5-Pack Diffuser Refill Bundle (180ml)

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Garden Series 5-Pack Diffuser Bundle (180ml)

Experience a new garden aroma every 3-4 months! Perfect for giving each of our garden scents a try, this bundle comes with 1 x 180ml refill bottle of each of the following scents:

Sakura - Also known as the cherry blossom, the sakura flower is a symbol of purification and restoration in Japan. The scent is a pleasant & cleansing for your home. Usher in a zen-like atmosphere into your homes with this sweet floral scent.

Lemongrass - The lemongrass scent exudes an intense lasting fragrance with subtle musky and woody undertones. It exhibits cleansing anti-microbial effects & is an ideal insect repellent. For the hard workers who seek mental clarity, this is the perfect scent for you.

Lavender One of the most popular fragrances for homes, our lavender scent is known to put you to sleep like a baby. Lavender essential oils have the properties of inducing relaxation to ease you into a nice slumber. Feel rejuvenated after a good night's sleep.

White Freesia Experience the autumn scent of the white freesia flower. This sweet yet delicate scent has essential oil benefits which creates feelings of happiness and removes any unwanted negative energy. Enjoy this floral delight in the comfort of your room.

Lily & Jasmine - This well-rounded combination of Lily & Jasmine flower is popular in many parts of Asia. Apart from its sweet floral fragrance, well-known essential oil benefits include reducing stress & anxiety. Through the Lily & Jasmine scent, we wanted to create feelings of happiness & security - a state of tranquility.


Pour the home scent refill into glass reed diffuser bottle, and put reed sticks in to enjoy a therapeutic experience. Suitable for all types of reed sticks diffusers or vase. Do not burn.