Balsam Pine Reed Diffuser

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Balsam Pine Scent

Pristine's 4th signature scent - the Balsam Pine fragrance is a rich, woody scent made for the sophisticated ones. Essentials are harvested from young conifer trees. This unique blend also utilizes a combination of Balsam Fir, Pine, Ebony, Neroli, and Moss to create an intensely balsamic aroma.

Reed diffusers are an easy and elegant way to fine-tune your home. Pristine's long-lasting scent helps to make your home feel clean and refreshed. Every box of Pristine Aroma Reed Diffusers includes 5x reeds and one bottle of pre-filled fragrance oil (50ml).

It can last up to 4-6 weeks. The shelf life is 12 months after opening the packaging.


Insert reeds into the bottle. The reeds will absorb the oil the diffuse the scent into the air. The diffuser will achieve the total result in 12 hours. Flip the reeds for more fragrance.

Do not burn.