Wax Melts - A Beginner’s Guide To An All New Scented Experience

Wax Melts - A Beginner’s Guide To An All New Scented Experience


Wax cubes, all commonly known as wax melts, are cubes of fragrant wax. Often designed in cute shapes and sizes to be when heated with an oil burner, they fill a room with a lovely scent. Unlike candles, candles do not have wicks and cannot be lit directly. Sometimes called wax cubes or tart, Pristine Wax Cubes are moulded like chocolate bars for a scent-licious experience.

Candles melt wax with a burning wick flame, but wax melts has no wick and the oil must be heated with a burner. Adorable but concentrated, Pristine Wax Cubes are made from a highly scented soy wax blend for long-lasting scent.

Popular, easy to use, and an affordable option compared to candles, Pristine Wax Cubes are the perfect way to enjoy a scented experience.


To use a wax melt, you need to heat it with an oil burner to melt it and release its scent. Add a few drops of wax to the reservoir at the top of the oil burner, depending on how strong you want the scent to be.

If you are using an electric warmer, follow the instructions to turn it on. If using a tealight oil burner, light the tealight by placing it in the recess at the bottom of the burner. The heat of the flame below gradually melts the wax and releases the fragrance. In case you do not have either, Pristine’s 4 pack bundle wax melt set comes with a free introductory ceramic burner for you to experience the scent.

If you want to stop releasing scent, blow out the tealight or turn off the electric burner.


The time it takes for the wax to melt depends on the size and number of melts you use. One slab of Pristine’s Wax Melt can easily provide you with 20 hours of reusable scent, though the scent will get weaker with each repeat melt. If there is still some melted wax left in the ceramic burner after use, you can let it dry and harden and reuse it next time, prolonging the life of the melt. If you are melting wax on an electric burner, check the safety precautions for the oil burner you are using to determine how long the burner is safe to use. 



As with many non air-tight scented products, wax melts can lose their scent and potency if left unused for long periods of time. For the best fragrance experience, use wax melts within 24 months of purchase. If you plan to store wax melts for long, store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting to ensure that light and temperature do not adversely affect the wax. 


With repeated use, you will find that your wax melt loses its scent and needs to be replaced with a new one. Before adding new melts or changing scents, you must remove old wax from the oil burner. The cooled wax disk can be removed from the container and discarded. 

Try using a spoon if you do not wish to dirty your nails. 

If you find that the wax is too difficult to remove from the burner, heating it up again for 30s should do the trick and makes it very easy to remove. Rinse off any remaining wax with warm, soapy water and let the oil burner dry before using it again.


There are many things you to upcycle old wax melts which have run out of scents (Applicable to candles as well)

Here are 3 easy to do ideas:

  • Create tealight candles - Tealight candles are always useful in many situations, be it in a blackout or to burn another wax melt. All you need are the leftover wax, an empty tealight cup, and a small tealight wick. The cups and wicks are very inexpensive and can be purchased from many dollar value stores.
  • Create fragrance pouches - DIY fragrance pouches are great for adding pleasant scents to small spaces like closets, clothing drawers, or even inside your car. Melt, cool, and freeze the leftover wax. If you want to make the scent stronger, you can mix in some of Pristine’s Aroma Concentrate. Once your wax has solidified and you've removed it from the candle jar, cut it into small pieces and place them in a small linen pouch.
  • Inject it with a new scent to reuse - Simply purchase Pristine’s Aroma Concentrate Set and drip 5-10 drops of it into the melted wax, and stir gently with a spoon. Once it dries, you can experience Pristine’s hotel scents in the form of wax melt.




Candles and wax melts are both wax based scented products that provide a more experiential experience as compared to diffusers or room sprays. Ultimately, the decision depends on individual personal preference. If you want an easy, straightforward option and enjoy watching the flickering open flame, consider Pristine Scented Candles. If you prefer a safer, more affordable option, go with Pristine Wax Cubes. 

Read more about why you should choose wax melts over candles.

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