Take @6flights.up Into A Luxurious Industrial Apartment.

Take @6flights.up Into A Luxurious Industrial Apartment.

Pristine Homes is a blog series dedicated to celebrating unique home decor ideas and interior designs that the Pristine Community has to offer. 

This feature covers the home of Singaporean couple Cheryl & Phillip and 2 adorable dachshunds pups! Their home is every industrialist's dream, a well-blended mix of textures from raw concrete and exposed brick.

Can you tell us abit more about yourself?

We are Cheryl and Philip. We got married just a month ago and only just moved into this place (even though renovation was completed a year ago). As a couple, we love to travel, work out together, drink wine and of course binge on TV at home (big fans of reality series like Terrace House and Heart Signal Korea). We are both in sales for our full time jobs so we tend to use this place as a retreat during weekends and evenings.

We are guessing that the English Country Inn scent is a sausage dog approved scent!


Describe to us your home decor style?

We would describe the home as a blend between industrial and modern luxury. You see industrial elements like the wire mesh-ed spiral staircase, double volume brick wall, and jet black concrete island paired with luxury components like the cream tufted sofa, white marble sink and brass inlays on the ground. We feel like it's a good balance between living in a factory and in a hotel.

A key element in the layout design was flow. You will notice, stepping into the house, that the pathways in the house are in an endless loop. It was a conscious decision by our designers to help amplify the space in the house. Practically, it makes life easier for us (e.g. There are two "entrances" in our master bathroom and we don't bump into each other during our own morning routines).

One of the unique pieces in our house has to be the tap in the guest bathroom. The wall tap bib is shaped like a concrete ball and intentionally inconspicuous. Meanwhile, the water spout drapes down from the ceiling. More often than not, guests come out of the bathroom awkwardly asking how they to turn on the water! It is quite meaningful to us because every piece of that hand-washing station was sourced from a different place!

We felt that Cheryl and Phillip paired our clear glass signature scent reed diffuser well against their monochromatic toilet palette! 


What are some of your favourite scents?

We prefer lighter, less overpowering scents. We gravitate towards anything vanilla, white tea, sandalwood.

Pristine's signature white tea and bergamot blend - Himalayan Tea is the scent of choice for their grooming station.


Tell us what you like about Pristine?

Pristine's products are so sleek that they fit really well with the aesthetics of our house regardless of where we place them. I love how the scents are not overpowering and gives a very homely feel to the spaces in the home.

Another shot of the super cute doggos enjoying the Himalayan Tea Scent!


Tell us how you use Pristine.

1. English Country Inn Reed Diffuser in our MBR: This scent with a good mix of light floral and vanilla smell that gives a very refreshing and comforting feel.

2. Himalayan Reed Diffuser for our MBR toilet: We love the white tea scent that makes our MBR smell very clean.

3. Paris Scented Wood-Wick Soy Candle in our living room: A perfect blend (yet not overpowering) of red roses and sandalwood. This scent flows throughout our living room and welcomes us home.

The Paris Scented Candle perched with a full view of the bedroom.


For more minimalist interior design inspiration, do head on to @6flights,up instagram page.

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