Inside The Minimalistic House Interiors Of @Basicmii

Inside The Minimalistic House Interiors Of @Basicmii

Pristine Homes is a blog series dedicated to celebrating unique home decor ideas and interior designs that Singapore has to offer. Living in a land scarce country, Singaporeans have to think out of the box and be creative about how to best utilize their hdb interior design to enhance their living spaces. We will be featuring some of the best instagrams for home decor in Singapore and diving into conversations about how they view home fragrances as an essential part of their home decor.

In this Pristine Home feature is a minimalist interior design by Miyo (@basicmii on instagram), the owner of a minimal build-to-order 4 room apartment flat with a rather Muji like aesthetic. Her home is plastered with tones of white, cream and brown with the occasional green. It almost feels like you are living in a Muji store.

Can you tell us abit more about yourself?

I am inspired to be a minimalist, really want to try living in the woods so that I can probably grow my own strawberries! 🙃 but, I am scare of worms and bugs😅. I have OCD for colours and the arrangement of height in things.

Miyo's minimalistic dining area design with table in light wood colour with a mirror to accentuate the space, a pot of shrubs and wood-wick candles from Pristine.


Describe to us your home decor style?

Simple and clean design, neutral colour attracts me. We bought a brown caramel tone sofa recently and it’s a misjudgement of colour for me. I should have chosen colour that appeal to me instead of being adventurous so now the sofa feels very odd in our light creamy home, hence it becomes a unique piece of furniture now! 😂 Every corner of my home is my favourite but I guess we spent most of the time in the living room.

Miyo's minimalist bedroom design with bedside table drawer, mini mushroom lamp and bottles of Pristine's Aroma Concentrates.


What are some of your favourite scents?

I don’t have a favourite but I enjoy fruity citrus scent a lot. Scent like fresh lemon, lime, yuzu are my favs!

Miyo's minimalist work desk with acrylic drawers to reduce clutter.


Tell us what you like about Pristine?

I like Pristine Aroma because they have cute names for their scent and the small size reed diffuser are so cute! I especially love the Himalayan Tea scent. Also! The wooden wick gives off the “tiktik” sound reminds me of camp fire! 😍

Miyo's minimalist bathroom with Pristine's award winning Himalayan Tea Reed Diffuser.


Tell us how you use Pristine.

I have my pristine aroma everywhere in my home ,reed diffuser in the living room and bathroom. Aroma oil were use after a tired day from work. The scents gives me the feeling of “on vacation” , “staying at a 5 star resort”. When I needed a cozy night on a Friday night, I will light the candle and listen to it burning! 😌 so calming ~

Miyo lighting a Bali Scented Candle by Pristine before bedtime.


For more minimalist interior design inspiration, do head on to Miyo's instagram page.


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