"This literally smells like the Ritz Lobby.."


English Country Inn as reviewed by Catherine. This hotel scent is a fine balance of refreshing citrus notes with a hint of sweet vanilla bean.

About The Scent

English Country Inn

Smells Like The Ritz

We took inspiration from the Ritz Carlton Hotels when we were developing the English Country Inn Scent.

The result is a luxury scent with refreshing top notes that is strong but not over-powering.

A Scent Well-Loved In Asia

Notes of citrus orange, strawberries & vanilla make up a fresh citrus and sweet scent that sits perfectly with the Asian scent palate.

This is complemented with light florals and woody notes in the middle and base.

Natural Lasting Fragrance

Pristine diffuser blends are made with premium essential oils for a long-lasting natural scent.

Pristine reed sticks are made of polyester for greater scent dispersion and mold prevention.

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