Pristine Scented Candles

Made With 100% Pure Soy Wax

"Beautiful scent right out the box. Great price for the size. Makes a great gift. Will need to test the scent throw during burn time."

Review by Farhana A. (Japanese Ryokan Scented Candle)

"The candles are pretty and smells heavenly. Can’t wait to use it. Delivery is fast, great service. Items are well packed"

Review by Princess M. (Bali Scented Candle)

"smells super good and super chio flowers love it, bought all scents to try since i always loved pristine diffusers. hope more scents in the future for me to choose from =)"

Review by Yura (Honolulu Scented Candle)

"The packaging is really beautiful and when I opened up to smell the scent, it is just so amazing!!! I can’t wait to light it up and use them now The Paris scent is quite interesting, totally worth the try"

Review by Jolene (Paris Scented Candle)

"This scented candle smells great. The packaging looks simple and classy."

Review by Nathan (Swiss Chateau Scented Candle)

1) Pure Soy Wax

Pure With 100% Soy Wax For A Cleaner & Healthier Burn

2) Wood Wick

For A Stronger Scent Throw & Relaxing Crackling Sound

3) Award Winning Brand

Voted Top Aroma Brand By Beauty-Insider With Over 50,000+ 5-Star Reviews

4) Hotel Inspired Scents

Come Home & Find Rejuvenation In Calming Hotel-Inspired Aromatherapy

City Scent Series

Bali Scent

"Reminds me of the flowers they put around my neck"

Notes of frangipani, chrysanthemum & sandalwood

Paris Scent

"My house smells like a rose garden in full bloom"

Notes of roses, lily of the valley & sandalwood.

Taipei Scent

"Throwback to walking through orange plantations in Taiwan"

Notes of blood orange, goji berries & honeycomb nectar.

Honolulu Scent

"Smells like a blend of my favorite vacation drink"

Notes of pineapple, pomegranate & cranberries.

4x City Scent Bundle

"Enjoy a scent trip around the world"

Comes with Bali, Paris, Taipei & Honolulu scent.

Hotel Scent Series

Japanese Ryokan

"Feeling zen with this powdery scent"

Notes of lavender, amber, lily, organic musk & sandalwood.

English Country Inn

"Waking up to strawberries and vanilla cream"

Notes of hoary stock, violet leaves, jasmine & vanilla.

Swiss Chateau

"Smells like fresh cut grass and flowers"

Notes of of rasperry, lily of the valley, rose & cedarwood.

Maldives Villa

"Imagine chilling by the ocean"

Notes of hyacinth, grapefruit, violet leaves & sandalwood.

4x Hotel Scent Bundle

"Enjoy Multiple Hotel Staycations"

Comes with all 4 of our original boutique hotel scents.