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"This scent is spot on to the signature hotel scent.."

About The Scent

Japanese Ryokan

A Calming Hotel Scent By Pristine

Smells Like A Hotel Lobby

Japanese Ryokan consists of Lavender, Galbanum, Amber, Sandalwood and a touch of talcum powder similar to the signature smell that hotels use in their lobbies.

Calms You Down

The Japanese Ryokan scent is well-loved for its light and calming scent. A result from our signature blend of sweet florals, lavender & sandalwood.

We recommend this scent for those who are adverse to strong pungent scents.

Lasting Natural Scent

Pristine diffuser blends have a higher concentration of fragrance oils for a long-lasting natural scent.

Pristine reed sticks are made of polyester for greater scent dispersion and mold prevention.