Moroccan Riad - Garden Oasis In A Desert

Moroccan Riad - Garden Oasis In A Desert

Do you have your map handy? If not, it isn’t really a big deal as I know of a place where it’s easy to become happily lost while soaking in the scents, sights, and flavors of an ancient mystical city. Traversing along the nearly 20 kilometers of powder-pink rammed-earth ramparts, I’ve stumbled upon an experience full of crowded souqs, where sheep carcasses swing from hooks next to twinkling lamps, and narrow, winding ochre-dusted stretches of walkway lead to you to a beautifully empty nowhere. The main vein into this mazy agora is the seemingly endless square of Djemaa El Fna, where every night is carnival night. I spent hours traversing the streets, checking out everything from snail vendors, soothsayers, acrobats, conjurers, musicians, and even hilarious slapstick acting troupes. I can honestly say that I could spend days if not weeks discovering everything that gives this old city its spirited pulse.

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Where am I? Marrakesh, Morocco, is a quite beautiful city that thrives on life, where the glorious pastel blues of the sky sings sweet songs to the peach-gold architecture that defines the landscape. Everything from the sights to behold, the flavors of local cuisine to taste, and the aromatics that tickle your nose, this city is guaranteed to provide any newcomer, or returning visitor, with the exuberant memories that we all love to reminisce on.

Deep in the heart of the city, you’ll find humble, traditional Persian guesthouses with luxurious, interior courtyards. It’s here where I was treated to the sweet and tangy scents of vibrant orange blossoms that set off nicely against the musky air. I was taken back by the immaculate tilework and intricate floral painted-wood ceilings. I could lose myself for hours studying the intricacy of the designs found around this beautiful land.

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From one end of this gorgeous city to the other, there is no shortage of beauty, mystery, or excitement. The Saadian Tombs are enriched by a lavish collection of marble, while the Musée de Mouassine and Musée de Marrakech provide ostentatious visuals of swirling stucco and expertly carved wood.

On my first night in Marrakesh, I opted to bed down in a riad where I slept amid the grandeur. The entire city is steeped in ancient artistry that timelessly thrives and is kept alive by the modern artisans of the souqs and the contemporary art and design scene of the majestic Ville Nouvelle. Being that Marrakesh is an old imperial capital, it’s easy to understand how it became home to some of the most exquisite examples of Islamic architecture. Among them were the most impressive the Ali Ben Youssef Medersa and the Koutoubia Minaret.

While traversing through the lively marketplaces, I was welcomed with many fragrant spices, along with the smell of garden-grown bergamot oranges. This aroma elusively danced through the comforting air to bring about an intimate and intoxicating aromatic experience that is not easily forgotten.

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Speaking of forgotten, you may find yourself getting lost among the Medinas Souqs as there are so many vendors with intricate and splendid wares laid out in a way that would be sure to please any medieval labyrinthine-planning architect. There was simply so much to take in while experiencing this magical city and among them was this magpie’s nest of treasures that can provide an optimal shopping experience for any shopaholic. Unfortunately for me, I lack the funds to visit this beautiful land as often as I would like to, as countless trips to Morocco could do some heavy damage to my bank account, but luckily I found a much more cost-effective alternative to enhance my memories of the visit and make me feel as if I’m right there on the powder-pink rammed-earth ramparts of Marrakech once again.

My secret teleportation device won’t set you back the price of a plane ticket and you can use it numerous times. My secret is Pristine Aromas Moroccan Riad Reed Diffuser. With this aromatic pleasure, you can taste sweet scents of orange blossoms filling the musky air. The fragrant spices, along with garden-grown bergamot oranges, elegantly dance with the comfortable breeze to bring about an intimate and intoxicating experience. This is the inspiration for Pristine's Morrocan Riad scent.

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