Inside The Farmhouse Of @ourruma18

Inside The Farmhouse Of @ourruma18

Pristine Homes is a blog series dedicated to celebrating unique home décor ideas and interior designs from the Pristine community.

In this post, we are featuring the classy farmhouse-styled home of Our Ruma, designed by Aszalina herself!


Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

My name is Mrs. Aszalina Alwy, I'm 38 years old. I love home décor and I enjoy travel.

Beautiful natural light seeps into Aszalina's home, lighting up her gorgeous neutral colour sofas and fixtures.


Describe to us your home décor style?

It's an elegant combination of modern and traditional farmhouse. We love the mix of both!

Aszalina's bedroom is filled with neutral color accents. A Swiss Château Reed Diffuser diffuses quietly in the background.


What are some of your favorite scents?

I have 2 favorite scents - Pristine's Himalayan Tea & Japanese Ryokan

Himalayan Tea is the scent of choice for Aszalina to scent up her living room. Its clear glass bottle blends in with the concrete vase.


Tell us what you like about Pristine?

I love pristine because:

1) The smell is everlasting!

2) Smells luxurious!

3) Freshens the house!

4) Every guest who came to my house always complimented how good the reed diffuser smell is!

Campanula Blossom is a clean and light floral fragrance with notes of bluebells.


Tell us how you use Pristine.

1) I use Pristine's reed diffuser in every room in my house (bedroom, living room, toilet)

2) I light Pristine's scented candle every night

3) I use Pristine's essential oil with diffuser every time i finished cooking.

Aszalina gets creative with her tabletop fixtures. She places Pristine's city-inspired candles atop two vintage pillars.


For more minimalist interior design inspiration, do head onto Aszalina's Instagram page.

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