English Country Inn Aroma Concentrate

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English Country Inn Scent

Wake up to pancakes, strawberries and vanilla cream, inspired by a stay in the English countryside. Freshen up your living spaces like a countryside hotel with this unique blend of Hoary Stock, Violet Leaves, Jasmine and Vanilla.

Long lasting scent to make your home feel clean and refreshed. Every box of Pristine Aroma Aroma Concentrate Includes one 10ml bottle of pre-filled aroma concentrate.


Suitable for all types of Electronic/Ultrasonic/USB Diffusers.

Shipped out locally within 48 hours - Receive within 2-4 days.

Includes: 1x bottle of prefilled aroma concentrate (10ml)Instructions: Add a few drips of Pristine Aroma Concentrate for every 100ml of water filled.

Do not burn.