Pristine Scent Guide

Find The Perfect Scent For Yourself & Your Loved Ones

Himalayan Tea

Signature Series

"Smells just like Ion Orchard"

Notes of white tea, mugworts, bergamot, bitter orange & jasmine.

Campanula Blossom

Signature Series

"A floral perfume for my home"

Notes of bluebell, cloves, jasmine, rose hip, musk & amber.

Ivory Coast Cotton

Signature Series

"This is what clean sheets smell like"

Notes of chamomile, orange, cinnamon and musk.

Balsam Pine

Signature Series

"The spicy, woody scent of Christmas"

Notes of balsam fir, pine, ebony, neroli and moss.


Garden Series

"Balinese massage in a bottle"

Said to be refreshing, repels insect & mosquitoes.


Garden Series

"Feel rejuvenated after a good night's sleep."

Said to induce sleep, reduce stress & anxiety.

Lily & Jasmine

Garden Series

"What a sweet, pungent fragrance!"

Said to be uplifting, and alleviate headaches.


Garden Series

"Sakura blossom in Japan"

Said to be purifying, rich in antioxidants.

White Freesia

Garden Series

"Freesia flowers in the autumn wind"

Said to be calming, and promotes tranquillity

Maldives Villa

Hotel Series

"Imagine chilling by the ocean"

Notes of hyacinth, grapefruit, violet leaves & sandalwood

English Country Inn

Hotel Series

"Waking up to strawberries and vanilla cream"

Notes of hoary stock, violet leaves, jasmine & vanilla.

Japanese Ryokan

Hotel Series

"Feeling zen with this powdery scent"

Notes of lavender, amber, lily, organic musk & sandalwood.

Casa Particular

Hotel Series

"A smoky, woody scent for my man cave"

Notes of tabacco leaves, guava, mariposa, lily and patchouli.

Moroccan Riad

Hotel Series

"Sweet dreams are made of tangerine"

Notes of orange blossom, bergamot, nutmeg and oud.

Swiss Château

Hotel Series

"Smells like fresh cut grass and flowers"

Notes of rasperry, lily of the valley, rose & cedarwood.

A Touch Of Bali

City Series

"Reminds me of the flowers they put around my neck"

Notes of frangipani, chrysanthemum & sandalwood

A Touch Of Paris

City Series

"My house smells like a rose garden in full bloom"

Notes of roses, lily of the valley & sandalwood

A Touch Of Honolulu

City Series

"Smells like a blend of my favorite vacation drink"

Notes of pineapple, pomegranate & cranberries

A Touch Of Taipei

City Series

"Throwback to walking through orange plantations in Taiwan"

Notes of blood orange, goji berries & honeycomb nectar

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