Diffuser Scent Guide

Find The Perfect Scent For Yourself & Your Loved Ones

Himalayan Tea

Signature Series

"This scent perfectly accompanies a hot shower after a long workout".

The bergamot notes are distinctive and blends well with a white tea base.

Campanula Blossom

Signature Series

"Puts me in a productive mood to get things done!"

A clean floral scent that smells like a light summer breeze.


Garden Series

"Smells like I'm about to get a relaxing balinese massage".

A crisp tangy scent that also helps to chase away mosquitoes!


Garden Series

"A great sleep companion!"

Lavender has a cooling herbal-like scent that smells like a great cuddle in bed.

Lily & Jasmine

Garden Series

"Accompanies well with a piping hot cup of green tea".

Sweet and calming notes of lilies and jasmine are strong but do not overwhelm


Garden Series

"Transport me back to Japan".

Let the creamy sweet cherry blossom notes take you back to the streets of Osaka.

White Freesia

Garden Series

"If someone were to describe what autumn smelled like, this would be it".

White freesia has a hint of sweetness like fruit and honey

Maldives Villa

Hotel Series

"This scent gives you the distinctive feeling of chilling in front of the ocean!".

Perfume like blend of strong floral and crisp fruity notes.

English Country Inn

Hotel Series

"Its like waking up to breakfast in bed - pancakes with strawberries and vanilla cream".

Citrus fruit and vanilla notes blended into a well-balanced scent

Japanese Ryokan

Hotel Series

"Takes me to a very zen like place, surrounded by nature."

Distinctive lavender notes grounded with wood based notes

Swiss Château

Hotel Series

"Smells like fresh cut grass and pristine air".

Sweet lily of the valley with the tartness of raspberry.

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