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Himalayan Tea Ball Diffuser

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Himalayan Tea Scent 

"Smells just like ION Orchard!" - As reviewed by Singaporeans.

Introducing Singapore's favorite white tea scent - Himalayan Tea by Pristine. This Award-Winning & Best-Selling Scent has a scent profile distinctly similar to the smell of Ion Orchard.

Himalayan Tea is Pristine’s very first original signature scent - a well-balanced citrus & floral scent loved by both Men and Women. It is an elegant combination of white tea, mugwort, bergamot, bitter orange, cardamom, roses, and jasmine. This elegant combination is a great addition for anyone that wishes to make their home feel classy. (like ION Orchard)

Ball diffusers are an easy and elegant way to fine-tune your car scent & other small spaces:

  • Functions as both a wardrobe fragrance source & décor piece
  • Experience Pristine's signature Himalayan Tea scent
  • Premium essential oil diffuser blend for a long-lasting natural scent
  • Minimalist design & packaging for any home
  • Designed in Singapore for daily rejuvenation

A long-lasting scent that helps to make your home feel clean and refreshed.


1 x Bottle of pre-filled fragrance oil (50ml) of Pristine's Himalayan Tea Scent

1 x Wooden Ball

It can last up to 8-10 weeks (50ml) each. The shelf life is 12 months after opening the packaging.


*In order to activate the scent, please leave an inch of the polyester stem exposed for effective diffusion. It is important to NOT push the ball and polyester stem all the way down to the bottom. 

  • Clear glass bottle with ball and rod stick
  • Cream colored packaging box
  • Blend of natural essential oils and fragrance oils
  • Free from parabens and other toxic chemicals
  • Safe for inhalation by pets & children

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Why Choose Pristine's Himalayan Tea Scent?

1. Scents You Will Definitely Love

Pristine's Signature Scents are a result of rigorous testing & development and hand-picked by our CEO for you to enjoy.

2. Long Lasting Fragrance

Pristine uses a premium blend of high concentration essential oils for a long-lasting natural scent.

3. ION Orchard Scent

Scent up your wardrobe, toilets, rooms & hallways with the smell of ION Orchard's