Introducing Our Wild Bluebell Scent - Pristine Aroma

The Wild bluebell Reed Diffuser is Pristine’s 2nd signature scent - a popular floral green fragrance that will surely make your home feel fresh and pristine. It consists of bluebells, cloves, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose hip, musk and amber. The main component, Bluebell, is a wild forest flower that has garnered a strong following in the world of fragrance since its discovery. 

The scent was crafted for those who enjoy sweet floral notes that are light and easy on the nose. If you have a sensitive nose, this scent is perfect for you!

The wild bluebell fragrance oil contains jasmine essential oils helps to relieve stress, anxiety, depression & fatigue. Some women use Jasmine fragrance to relieve discomfort with menstrual cramps and menopause. This is complemented with essential oils from lilies of the valley which reduces headaches, depression & melancholy. While notes of amber calms the mind and aids sleep.

The Pristine Signature Series was created by the Pristine Team to curate scents that inspired a #pristinelife - a rejuvenation of the mind from stress and anxiety, such that you can take on every day with the clearest state of mind. Come home to Pristine with the scent of our Wild Bluebell Reed Diffuser.

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