Introducing Our Himalayan Tea Scent - Pristine Aroma

The Himalayan Tea Scent is Pristine’s 1st signature scent - a citrus, woody fragrance well loved by both Men and Women. It is an elegant combination of white tea, mugworts, bergamot, bitter orange, cardamom, roses and jasmine. This graceful fragrance entices the feeling of purity and nobility, and is a great addition to any that wishes to make their home feel more “classy”.

The scent is light and fruity, with a hint of citrus, helping you feel fresh on sleepy days. Some even says it smells like the pomelo fruit!

Himalayan Tea Reed Diffuser

Our Himalayan Tea Fragrance Oil contains Mugwort essential oils, an herb that improves breathing and reduces respiratory inflammations. It also contains the essential oils of Bergamots which gives it a citrus kick, helping to uplift any low moods. Its base notes of Cardamom, Rose & Jasmine helps to calm and soothe any residual anxiety.

The Pristine Signature Series was created by the Pristine Team to curate scents that inspired a #pristinelife - a rejuvenation of the mind from everyday stress and anxiety, such that you can take on every day with the clearest state of mind. Come home to Pristine with the scent of our Himalayan Tea Reed Diffuser.

Himalayan Tea Reed Diffuser


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