Introducing Our Garden Scent Series - Pristine Aroma

Being in nature is a luxury for most urbanites living in big cities like Singapore. Most would agree that experiencing untouched pristine nature has an almost magical effect on calming our minds. The Pristine Garden Scent Series was inspired by these very experiences in nature.

Pristine Garden Scent Series

In the garden scent series, we have the following scents:

Lemon & Citronella - Well-known as an insect repellent, citronella essential oils helps to relieve stress and reduce insomnia as well. Lemon essential oils help to improve moods, provides relaxation for stress relief and helps reduce anxiety and depression.

Lavender - The essential oils of lavender is most commonly known benefits are to induce relaxation, reduce anxiety, depressive feelings and to fight nauseau and menstrual cramps.

White Freesia - The essential oils of white freesia flowers has subtly sweet overtones which promotes happiness, emotional balance, calms and reduces fatigue.

Sakura - The essential oils of Sakura or Cherry Blossom flowers are a popular flower of Japan which helps calm anxiety, relieves stress, purifies the air and helps treat insomnia.

Lily & Jasmine - A dynamic combination! Lily essential oils which promotes long restful sleep and helps ease stress and anxiety. Meanwhile, Jasmine essential oils helps fight stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue.



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