Father's Day - Choosing The Right Reed Diffuser Scent For Dad

Father's day in Singapore falls on Sunday, 21 June 2020. Whether you are a son, a daughter or wife, we believe that the gift of scent can be a very personalized one and a unique gift experience altogether. In this blog post, we aspire to help you seek out the best reed diffuser scent for Father's Day!

The Pristine Signature Series was inspired by luxury hotels and resorts to help create an atmosphere of relaxation at home. These scents are perfect to give dad the "hotel experience" during this lock-down period. We believe there are 4 kinds of dads in this world and each dad has a unique scent that is suited for him:

The "Workaholic" Dad

The "Workaholic" dad only wants to give his family the best that life can offer and so what does he do? He sacrifices personal interests, quality sleep and even family time to put in extra hours into his job. He comes home from work to a house half-asleep with dinner sitting in the microwave but he is contented that he has given his best for his family.

We recommend the Carlton scent for the "Workaholic" dad. Our Carlton scent is infused with Jasmine and Vanilla essential oil extracts for dad to relax at home through aromatherapy and get a good night's sleep before waking up to a new work day. Check out the Carlton Reed Diffuser Scent Here.

Carlton workaholic dad

The "Happy-go-lucky" Dad

 The "Happy-go-lucky" dad loves spontaneous activities with the family - random bubble tea outings or midnight movie marathons. He enjoys cracking jokes to give his loved ones a reason to smile. The interest of his family is placed before anything else, he even puts on a happy facade when troubled thoughts brew in his mind.

We recommend the Marriott scent for the "Happy-go-lucky" dad. Our Marriott scent is infused with Apple and Grapefruit essential oils to match his fruity and bubbly personality! Check out the Marriott Reed Diffuser Scent Here.

Marriot reed diffuser

The "Dapper" Dad

The "Dapper" dad loves fashion and well-made things - his watches, dress shirts, leather shoes, collection of wine and spirits. He enjoys the finer things in life and is not afraid to be extravagant. He wears his favourite Hawaiian shirts on the weekend to have a breakfast of toast and eggs at the nearby coffee shop.

We recommend the Hilton scent for the "Dapper" dad. Our Hilton scent is infused with the perfect combination of Rose and Cedarwood essential oils for a floral yet masculine touch. Sounds Dapper! Check out the Hilton Reed Diffuser Scent Here.

Hilton Reed Diffuser


The "Introspective" Dad

The "Introspective" dad is a man of a few words yet a flood of thoughts run through his mind all the time. He loves his family but does not know how to express it. He enjoys reading on the weekends, going for walks at the nearby park and watching television with his family during his free time.

We recommend the Shangrila scent for the "Introspective" dad. Our Shangrila scent is infused with the essential oil extracts of Sandalwood and Lavender to match his introverted and calm personality. Check out the Shangrila Reed Diffuser Scent Here.

Shangrila Reed Diffuser

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