5 Ways To Create The Perfect Home Office

Working from home is going to be the next big trend in 2020. Companies such as Facebook, Google, Shopify & Twitter are amongst the many companies who are starting to ask their employees to work from home. Whether you are a corporate employee, entrepreneur or digital nomad, we believe that setting up a conducive environment at home is crucial to a productive hustle.


1) Lighting

Natural lighting is usually good to have but we are limited to the amount of natural light during the day for us to use. In the event that you have to use artificial lighting, choosing the right lighting can affect your focus.  We recommend using cool white lighting to help improve your focus and alertness instead of warm yellow lighting that can cause you to feel sleepy.


2) Sound


Working away from any kind of background noise can prevent you from being distracted. At the same time, working in a completely quiet environment can also cause you to be easily distracted if your mind wanders off easily. We recommend you to play some downbeat music in the background - genres such as jazz, blues and Lo-Fi are popular music genres to do work with. It is optimal to listen to music that has no lyrics such that your head does not sing along to the lyrics.


3) Scent


Use a calming reed diffuser scent to help you stay focused. Scents from lavender, lily & jasmine essential oils are known to have a calming effect through aromatherapy. We recommend our carlton reed diffuser scent that has essence of Jasmine essential oils with the fragrance oils of vanilla for a hint to subtle sweetness. Whereas, if you want a more floral hint, try out our Shangri-La inspired reed diffusers that has lavender essential oils.


4) Temperature


Air conditioning can help you to keep cool but pro-longed periods of using it can remove moisture from the air and cause dryness for your skin. Use a rotating fan as much as possible to keep cool and healthy.


5) Snacks


The biggest distraction working from home is the fridge. In order to keep a healthy diet, we recommend snacking healthily through the consumption of power foods such as nuts and fruit. We recommend the Camel power bounce and power revive sachets that come with a healthy portion of nuts and fruit. Also, remember to hydrate frequently to keep your body cool.

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